Micro Bikini See Thru

Radikal Micro Bikini See Thru

radical micro bikini pictureThe beach staple micro bikini are epitome of how far two-piece swimsuits could go. Micro bikinis, also called microkinis, are extremely skimpy two-piece swimsuits. They were cut to cover only a very small part of the wearer’s body, and they have styles for both men and women. Micro bikini designs for men look like scantier versions of the thong or G-string underwear; while the women’s can have many styles, ranging from the thong to the super micro bikini.

Bikinis were designed after the traditional garments worn by indigenous peoples from the tropical regions of the world. They use as little fabric as possible, thus the term micro until The thong bikini era began in the 1970s and was introduced to the American market by the maker of the monokini, Rudi Gernreich. In 1995, an on line community for micro bikini also introduced the term microkini, and it has been used ever since.

The most commonly used micro bikinis are the narrow panty thong type and the G-string bottomed type. Both of these types use narrow strips of swimsuit material to cover very little of the genital area. Most micro bikini designs are very minimalist, that traditional thong bathing suits appear conservative by comparison.


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