Micro Bikini|Minimalist Swimsuit Design

Micro bikini is more than minimalist swimsuit design

The micro bikinis trace their modern roots back to the 1970s era, at the Venice Beach in California right after a law banning nudity was passed. As the law prohibited nude bathing, beach bums started designing and donning tiny bathing suits that reveal as much as possible yet comply with what the new law stated. Not long after, the trend got picked up by non-Venice Beach regulars and became a staple to the bikini scene until now.

Micro bikinis find their place between nudity and conservative swimsuits. Although they use very little fabric, they are within the legal limits of decency in many countries, which makes them a mainstay in the swimwear industry. Right now, micro bikinis even have a provocative and sultry image, which is why they are used mostly for adult and sexy photography.

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